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Your little ones will have the best time at NLF Kids!

Our goal is to create an environment where our children can learn about God and walk out their faith. We want NLF kids to be a place where our children can find hope and new life while connecting to God and each other.



We know the importance of your child’s safety, so all of our volunteers are background checked and trained to guarantee a safe environment. It would be an honor to have your child join us at NLF Kids!


0 MOS - 24 MOS

Your infants will experience a time of structured activities designed to cover the basics of human development and fine motor skills, and the love of Jesus.


AGES 3-5

We teach your preschoolers biblical truths through well thought-out stories in the Bible told by our amazing kids team.



At NLF Kids, your children learn how to build their faith through worship and will learn biblical truths through the Bible story that is taught by our NLF Kids team.

your child before you get here!

Skip the wait and click the link below to check-in your child on Sunday morning! Space is limited so make sure you reserve a spot for your kids!

We believe what our children learn about God is important. NLF Kids and Preschool use Think Orange Curriculum. We have a scope (a series of topics we want to focus on) and a cycle (a process of repeating these topics in a cycle to strategically reinforce them). Over the course of 3 years, your child will be repetitively exposed to important topics that will help lay foundations of their faith for years to come. It's not childcare, it's child discipleship and development. 

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