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Know God

In this first step, we examine what it means to know God both as individuals and as a church community. 


Find Freedom

In this second step, we help you better understand the value and impact of building your life in community and give you practical tools to help you find your place in our church home. 


Discover Purpose

In this third step, you have the opportunity to learn more about yourself, your personality and the unique purpose God has for your life.


Make a Difference

In this final step, you’ll discover how you can make a difference in the lives of others by joining the Vida Team. We also look at what it means to serve at New Life and what kind of culture we strive to maintain as a church. 


Growth Track

Growth Track is a four-step journey designed to help you discover and become all who God has called you to be.

Growth Track is a total of four steps taught in 3 consecutive Sundays. Jump on Growth Track to take that next step in your journey!

You're one step closer towards discovering

your purpose!

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