• We dream of having 1270 members (or more) that will commit themselves to a covenant of maturity where they make themselves responsible for: having a habitual daily devotion with God, giving their tithes weekly to God, and participating weekly in a Life Group.
  • We dream of having 127 (or more) Life Groups that provide support, encouragement and make themselves accountable one for another to grow in Christ.  These groups shall continue to be led with love by leaders that will care for and feed those that belong to their group.
  • We dream of having studies of Christian development that will inspire to develop and reach our potential and purpose in Christ.  Classes that will offer Bible Studies, Seminars, Retreats, and/or Conferences to grow in knowledge, perspective, convictions, abilities, and character for God.
  • We dream of having ministries of excellence that inspires our children and youth to be better children, better students, and better Christians so that they can impact their generation.  That from our children God would raise up Pastors, Evangelists, Prophets, Psalmists, Teachers, Missionaries, Doctors, Lawyers, Architects, Engineers, Pilots, Business Men and Women, etc.  
  • We dream of one day having buildings that will facilitate our VISION: a sanctuary that seats 1500 (or more) people, sufficient classrooms, and a gymnasium, a playground for the children and, why not, a building that will serve as a shelter for the people who come to Galveston for some need.
  • We dream of having a move of God (revival) that will flood this island with the Glory of God.  A revival with signs and wonders, that the blind gain their sight, that the paralytic rise up, that the deaf hear, that souls be saved, that lives and families be restored and blessed by God Almighty.


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